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Shark overfishing endangers reefs

"Where shark numbers are reduced we see a fundamental change in the structure of food chains on reefs," said Meekan.

"We see increasing numbers of mid-level predators such as snappers, and a reduction in the numbers of herbivores such as parrot fishes.

"The parrot fishes are very important because they eat the algae that would otherwise overwhelm young corals on reefs recovering from natural disturbances."

Shark Attacks Australian Man in Shallow Waters

Alan Saunders was involved in the seasonal mullet run and was removing a Grey Nurse shark caught in a fishing net at Crowdy Head beach on Sunday 21 April.

His brother, Ray said he was attacked while releasing one of three sharks caught in a fishing net.

"Alan was involved in removing one of the sharks out of the wings of the net.

"He released that shark but another shark came in and bit him on both legs."

Shark Attack Hero Paul Marshallsea Sacked for Saving Kids While on Sick Leave

Paul Marshallsea made headlines around the world after a video showed him pulling a 6ft dusky whaler shark by its tail away from swimmers off the coast of Queensland, Australia.

Hundreds of thousands of views of the event were racked up on YouTube.

But the 56-year-old hero’s bosses at Pant and Dowlais Boys & Girls Club were less unimpressed because it happened while he was on sick leave from his job running a charity.

Now Marshallsea is jobless and wondering what to do next. His wife Wendy also no longer works at the charity.

"There’s not much demand for shark wrestlers in Merthyr Tydfil," he told Walesonline.

A man in Australia pushed a shark back into the sea, after it was seen swimming in shallow waters near beachgoers.

Local media said the 6.5 feet Dusky Whaler shark was spotted near the shoreline at Bulcock Beach at Caloundra on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, causing some tourists to panic.

After being pushed back into deeper waters, local media said the shark stayed in the area for a while, before swimming further out to sea.

Tourist Tash Kimlin said she shouted out to her two young children when the alarm was raised.

"It was pretty scary, yeah I was just calling out to them and they couldn’t really understand what I was saying," she said.


A shark sighting on New Year’s Day sends hundreds of swimmers at Australia’s Bondi Beach fleeing to safety and away from the water.
Local media reported that a surf patrol boat was on a routine surveillance when the life guards saw a large shark at approximately 4:00 pm local time (0500 GMT).
A shark alarm was sounded to warn swimmers to get out of the water, and some tourists said they were frightened by the experience.


Out of Australia today comes another incredible story about a surfer who was out minding his own business on the waves when out of nowhere came a shark! It’s usually the surfers you hear about getting attacked, because they are among the few with the guts enough to be out that far in the ocean where god knows what is lurking … and the guts to know exactly what to do if that happens. The 29-year-old survivor of this recent shark attack could have lost a lot more than a few fingers and some bite-marked shaped flesh if he had not done what he did out there off Macquarie, north of Sydney.