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How Can You Save Sharks? Swim With Them!

The 63 species of shark and 68 species of ray drifting through Semporna’s waters are not exactly damsels in distress. Sharks can pay their own conservation fees — or at least they could if they weren’t being hunted to the brink of extinction by the shark fin soup industry. Sharks generated 192 million dollars last year thanks to an increasingly popular dive tourism, or, swimming with sharks. In fact, the estimated value of one shark throughout its lifetime is 815,000 US dollars. Contrast this number with the value of a dead shark that will be sold for its fin, a process that only generates an estimated 100 U.S. dollars. Based on these numbers, a comprehensive financing plan will accompany the Semporna Shark Sanctuary to make sure the sanctuary is successfully funded by none other than the toothy predator itself.

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